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Heat exchangers

In recent years, the need to combat fouling in heat exchangers has increased. New technology plays an important role in this. Royal Vaassen is happy to stimulate the awareness process to apply more energy-saving technologies.

High thermal conductivity, combined with ease of use and relatively low costs, make aluminum the preferred metal type where heating (or cooling) is desired. The use of aluminum foil makes it possible to use the maximum surface with the minimum metal. It is lighter and less expensive than copper. In short, to increase efficiency and reduce overall costs, aluminum is the best solution for heat exchangers.


Functional element of a heat exchanger

Heat exchanger consumes 80% less energy than traditional air conditioners

Unique, technologically high-quality paints

Insulation panels

Whether cold, heat, gas, odor, moisture or light are involved in an insulation task, our aluminum foil is a high-quality material. The PIR / PUR filling is often indispensable for the insulation of houses and buildings. Aluminum foil with the right paint combination is very versatile. It is easy to laminate, shape and coat with a protective lacquer. This makes it easy to apply in different situations.


  • Good barrier properties against corrosion, gases, biofouling
  • Water vapor and light
  • Available with different paints (transparent and colors)

Benefits for the customer

  • Easy to use
  • High litigation liability on all existing lines
  • Brand positioning
  • Long shelf life> 20 years
  • Complete product portfolio for different applications
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for different types of insulation materials


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