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Royal Vaassen is specialized in producing innerliners in the traditional cigarette package. We deliver a wide portfolio of (printed) innerliners assuring an excellent runnability on the packaging mchines and assuring that the cigarettes arrive fresh at the final consumer.

Innerliner Seal

A high barrier sealable innerliner. Both BOPP films have a seal layer on the outside to make the sinnerliner sealable.

  • BOPP 20 micro
  • Colour/print
  • Alu 7-12 micron
  • BOPP 20 micron

Recloseable and airtight innerliner

Our unique assortment guarantees that even under extreme condition, like high humidity, the cigarettes don’t dry out but arrive fresh at the final consumer. The reclose ability is a unique solution.

For the risk reduced products (small cigarettes, smoked with a device), Royal Vaassen delivers the cigarette paper, which assures that the “cigarette” can be heated but cannot burn.



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